What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating compound found primarily in the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. It contains a trace amount of THC (less than 0.3%) and is non-psychoactive.

Can I add CBD to my juice or smoothies?

Absolutely! CBD is available for addition to any of our drinks, hot or cold: juice, smoothies, wellness drinks or coffee.

What’s in your smoothies?

Whole fruit, veggies, ice and either orange juice or milk (depending on the smoothie). A few of our smoothies also have healthy extras like protein power or raw cacao. But one thing we never add is glops of corn syrup.


What if I’m allergic to that?

We make all of our smoothies fresh to order. So it’s easy for us to customize your smoothie to meet your allergy or dietary needs. If you’re getting a milk-based smoothie, we can easily substitute the dairy for almond or coconut milk.


How about wheat allergies?

The majority of our drinks are gluten-free. And if you’re getting a soup to go with that juice or smoothie, most of those are gluten-free as well. One of the many perks of making them from scratch. Just look for the (gf) on the weekly soup menu.


What if I want yogurt in my smoothie?

We’re happy to add supplements like skyr (yogurt), multi-vitamins or spirulina to any smoothie. Check out the full list of body boosters on the juices + smoothies page.


Why is fruit so darn tasty?

Because Mother Nature has been beta testing it for millions of years.


What's so great about cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressing doesn't degrade juice with heat, unlike centrifugal juicers (the most common type of juicer). Nor does it over-crush the cells of fruits and veg. This gives cold-pressed juice up to five times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes – which we think is pretty great.


What is HPP?

HPP stands for High Pressure Processing. It's a way to preserve and sterilize food without high heat (a.k.a. pasteurization).


What's the difference between AJC juice and store bought juice?

Store bought juice has been processed via HPP or traditional heat pasteurization, which is great if you're not interested in drinking it any time soon.


What if my co-workers get jealous when I bring in a juice from Ambrosia Juice Co. and stop talking to me?

There's nothing stopping you from grabbing more juice from the grab + go cooler if your co-workers are on the petty side. We'll even provide a very heroic six-pack carrier for them to ride in.


Can I just buy a tray of wheat grass to make my own juice at home?

Yep. Wheat grass is available by the shot and by the tray.


If it’s 80º and I’m running through a sprinkler in the backyard, what should I be drinking?

Personally, we’d go with Melon Madness. It’s like a beautiful summer day in a cup. Which is probably why it’s only available in the summer.


Why can’t you just make smoothies from a mix like everyone else?

We won’t dignify that with an answer. ;)


What if I’m vegetarian or vegan?

Then you’ve come to the right place. The majority of our drinks are vegan. We also offer vegan soups almost daily. Not to mention some particularly tasty grab + go options.


Do you sell Colectivo coffee by the bag?

Yep. And if we don’t have your favorite in stock, we’ll put in an order with our friendly neighborhood Colectivo delivery man, who stops by to see us every Tuesday. Love that guy!


But if I’m special ordering it will cost me more, right?

Of course not. We sell our coffee at the same price, special order or otherwise. That’s just how we roll here at Ambrosia Juice Co.


What about organic, fair trade coffees? Does Colectivo carry any of those?

Oh, man do they. They have at least ten different varieties at the moment and there are always monthly specials that independent sellers like us get exclusively.


Why the heck don’t you have a drive thru? Seriously.

Because the hair salon next door would be super pissed if we knocked out one of their walls to put it in. They’re funny that way.


Do you cater?

Absolutely. Give us a call and we'll hook you up with juice, smoothies or coffee. Are other people bringing complaints to your PTA meetings? Think how much better juice and smoothies will go over.


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